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A gray day at Big Meadows was captured Wednesday by a new webcam at Shenandoah National Park/NPS

Two more webcams have been added to Shenandoah National Park’s video arsenal, bringing views from the central portion of the Shenandoah Valley and Big Meadows.

The “View From the Valley” webcam features a live-feed view of the park’s central portion from the valley. Located near Luray, Virginia, the webcam scans from Neighbor Mountain near Route 211 all the way south to Big Meadows, and captures the essence of Shenandoah National Park as an oasis of wild land in the east, a park release said. The pre-set tour reveals iconic Blue Ridge Mountain crests including Marys Rock, Stony Man, and Shenandoah National Park’s highest peak, Hawksbill.  

An additional webcam, “Big Meadows Live” replaces one of the long-term favorites atop the visitor center at Big Meadows. Rather than a fixed photo, this new, live-feed tour includes “stops” with zooms and wide shots capturing the splendor of the landscape in all seasons across the entire meadow. Both webcams are full video, 4K, high definition. 

The installation of the new webcams is made possible by the support of long-time park partner, Shenandoah National Park Association. Founded in 1950, the association operates the visitor center stores, contributing 100 percent of its profits to support the educational efforts of Shenandoah National Park. The association is hosting the “View From the Valley” webcam from its new office/warehouse on Highway 340 just south of Luray.  

“It’s exciting for the Association to have a great location and the internet capacity to provide the Valley cam for visitors,” said Executive Director Greta Miller. “The mountain skyline is so beautiful from the valley and watching the different seasons will be spectacular. The Big Meadows live cam is a great addition for visitors to experience the meadow, especially for those who may never be able to come in person. Both of these cameras will be a great asset to the park’s interpretive program and SNPA is pleased to provide funding for this project.” Learn more about SNPA’s mission at  

The webcams can be accessed from the park’s website.

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